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Von miller

Von’s Vision Helps Kids See Clearer!

Thanks to Denver Broncos player Von Miller, hundreds of children have a new perspective on life Monday.

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Light Therapy

Modern Science Validates Light and Color Therapies in Promoting Full-Spectrum Health

An article in The New York Times explores how color and light influence well-being in a variety of circumstance; from prison cells to neonatal units, coal mines to classrooms.

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Breathing for relaxation

Enhance Your Visualizations: Relax, BREATHE, Build Awareness

When you breathe deeply and teach your child how to do it, it creates calm, which is part of the relaxation process.

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Developmental model of vision

The Developmental Vision Model

This represents a DevelopmentalModel of Vision. The outer circle represents the life activities that are important to your child: school, work, coordination/sports, play, relationships and success in life. A strong foundation is required upon which to build.

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Balloon trip - Visualization

Take an “Imaginary” Hot Air Balloon Trip

This activity emphasizes relaxing, breathing, quiet, safety and fun…great for kids…great for adults.

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Dr. Lynn Hellerstein with SCCO students

COVD Tour de Optometry Visit at Ketchum U (SCCO Optometry School)

Thanks very much to the faculty and students at SCCO for collaborating with #COVD on a wonderful, exciting Tour de Optometry visit.

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Tinted lenses

Light sensitivity and headaches relieved by tinted lenses

KW, 19 year old female, suffered from #headaches and #lightsensitivity for years.

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#42 Sports Vision Training – Power of #Visualization

I felt calm, centered, and completely capable. It was also a great moment of team connection.

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Tip #41 Visualization – Sports prep for a team. Improve your vision!

Sports preparation starts with working on your own personal preparation. If you play on a team, next is to bring yourself—strong, powerful, and confident—to the team. If you’re a coach, the next exercise is an example of using visualization with the team.   Coach: Think of a time when you and the team played a big match: when you were […]

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Tip #39 VISUALIZATION Script for teens & adults

1. Sit in a comfortable place where you won’t be interrupted. 2. Relax your body and take several long, slow breaths. Use belly breathing if you’d like…

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