Child Decoded- Great Reference!

Thanks to Dr. Len Press for his blog review of this great book by Dr. Robin Mcevoy and Kim Gangwish…Child Decoded

The lead editor of this helpful “owner’s manual” for parents serving as effective advocates for their child is Robin E McEvoy, a developmental neuropsychologist practicing in Denver, Colorado.  She is joined in this endeavor by Kim Gangwish, a specialist in a form of acupressure focusing on neurological integration (LEAP – Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program) and Marjike Jones, a freelance writer whose son, CJ, serves as the opening story and represents the enigmatic child prototypical in this book.

Child Decoded is a wonderful resource that caught my eye specifically because of the concise chapter on Vision Disorder Issues, authored by our good colleague and friend, Dr. Lynn Hellerstein.  Every time you read a new book like Child Decoded you’re bound to pick up at least a nugget or two in each chapter, and Dr. Hellerstein’s chapter is a good case in point.  She relates a pearl from another behavioral optometrist, Dr. Rebecca Hutchins that is very clever.  At a conference for teachers Dr. Hutchins and a colleague distributed prism glasses to the audience that simulated convergence insufficiency, asking them to read for several minutes.  Even after this short interval of time, attendees began to experience dramatic effects including headaches, fatigue, and difficulty in remembering what they were reading!

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