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“As a parent of a special needs child, I only wish this book had been available to me when my daughter was younger. It would have reinforced all that work we were doing with therapists. I believe it would have helped teachers understand how to educate her building on their own expertise, thus accelerating my daughter’s learning experience. This author understands that learning takes a little practical magic, a belief that all kids can learn and a child’s future is rich with possibilities. Kudos for a well-written, accessible book – a perfect guide for all parents.”

— Katherine Carol, Author, Speaker, Consultant

“Dr. Lynn Hellerstein not only saved the life of my daughter Sarah, she is also a gifted speaker and trainer. First Dr. Lynn and her team helped my then first-grader understand why she could not read, and in 8 months of eye therapy … taught her to LOVE reading and learning. This changed Sarah’s life and our whole family’s experience with education. The staff and Lynn worked miracles and the process was fantastic! Sarah uses the processes from her book and workbook every day!

Next as a sponsor of CampExperience, Dr. Lynn has been a keynote speaker and leader of our annual retreat for amazing women. She gets “rave reviews” as she shares her personal and professional gifts. We are blessed to have Dr. Lynn on our team and I highly recommend her for her vision and vision therapy work and as an author and speaker.”12/10

— Betsy Wiersma, Parent; CSEP, Wiersma Experience Marketing; Founder, CampExperience


“Stop and think about what you are writing. Now write words that came to mind for this assignment. See the movie in your head. Now … plan and write! Using this protocol with my sixth grade students has improved the quality of their writing. Whatever the writing prompt, students need to stop and think, write down words or phrases that immediately come to mind, see it, and then write. I truly believe that these steps empower those who would rather say that they have nothing to write about or that they hate writing, as well as empower those who have a good grasp on this skill. Writing can be an arduous task for students. When given the necessary guidance and tools they need to be successful, students flourish. Dr. Hellerstein’s visualization techniques make all the difference!”

— Sheryl Skattum, MA, 6th Grade Language Arts

Optometrists and Visual Therapists

“We are exploding with excitement about your book. I just ordered 4 more and gave one to my optometric colleague, one to my therapist, one is out in the waiting area with a sign-up sheet for purchase for parents/patients who want one. We are talking to all of our patients about it and I am going to give them out to local teachers as Christmas gifts…SO, I am psyched that my hundred book order will be here so fast – thank you. THANK YOU for writing such a great book. I learned so much from it. I also love that you shared so many personal stories throughout. I felt like this book pulls developmental optometry together. We are really on the precipice of a revolution. You are amazing. I just had an article in our local paper and it has generated great interest. It has been fantastic. I’ve had articles before but I think that with books like Sue Barry’s, and now yours, we have so much more ‘support’ in our local communities than before.”

— Gabby Marshall, OD, Bend, Oregon

“I would like to add that with my patients (especially the young ones) I now have them draw out what they are to do for therapy for the following week. Watching them visualize before they draw the picture is priceless. They now take ownership with the activities and initial each time they do it. We used to have the parents mark off the activities. The kids are so proud when they bring back the notes the following week. Thank you for the Tah-dahs!”

—Becky Kastelin-Schulke, Vision Therapist in Michigan

Peers & Professionals

“Without Lynn Hellerstein’s intuitiveness and vision, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now. I’ve worked with her in multiple areas: first, as a patient when I had a brain injury and was unable to read/comprehend much for 18 months, Lynn coordinated my vision therapy and got me back on track; second, as a Book Shepherd, I was honored to be part of the shaping of her multiple-award-winning book, See It. Say It. Do It!; and third, I’ve worked with her on her speech presentations.

Lynn knows how to connect with her audiences; her work, and her message, has made the difference to thousands directly within her practice; millions with her books and presentations. If you have any questions about vision issues, contact Lynn. If you want to create or have someone to consult with about building confidence in kids, athletes, musicians or anyone who is striving to achieve, Dr. Lynn Hellerstein’s techniques and insight will make the difference. Her book See It. Say It. Do It! belongs in every home with kids, in every teacher’s personal library, and in every pediatrician’s office.” 9/09

— Dr. Judith Briles, DBA, MBA, The Book Shepherd

“Dr. Lynn is one of those brilliant people who is truly dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others, and children especially. Her award-winning book, See It! Say It! Do It!, is going gangbusters, and as a speaker, she brings her deep expertise to the stage with flair and passion. I recommend Lynn without reservation, and would JUMP at the opportunity to work with her.” 3/10

— Orvel Ray Wilson CSP – Guerrilla Selling Speaker; Certified Speaking Professional, The Guerrilla Group, Inc.

“Lynn Hellerstein is an optometrist and much more. She is a mother, leader, friend, author and visionary. Her private optometric practice in Denver, Colorado, specializing in vision therapy changes the lives of children who are her patients, as well as future optometrists who are her clinical students. As past president of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (www.covd.org) she has provided leadership to those who worked with her side by side and those who followed her. Her book See It. Say It. Do It! shares with parents, teachers, and colleagues her passion for helping children succeed both academically and in life. I am proud to call Dr. Hellerstein my colleague and friend.” 3/10

— Dr. Ida Chung, OD, FCOVD; State University of New York College of Optometry, Chief of Pediatrics Service

“Lynn Hellerstein is one of the most innovative, thorough, dynamic professionals I know. She has built a wonderful reputation for being result-oriented with compassion and caring. Her new book demonstrates these characteristics. As a colleague I can highly recommend her and as a friend, I can tell you that she is a ‘GEM’!” 7/10

— Sandra Coulson, Orofacial Myology Associates, Inc.

“Lynn’s work on visualization is ground-breaking and timely. I commend her book and the work done in her practice, as well as the material in her seminars, very highly.” 9/09

— Dr. Len Press, OD, FCOVD, FAAO; Optometric Director, The Vision and Learning Center

Editorial Reviews of See It. Say It. Do It!

“It’s easy to say to do well in school, but actually doing it proves much more difficult. See it. Say It. Do It.: The Parent’s & Teacher’s Action Guide to Creating Successful Students & Confident Kids is a guide to helping students really gain a more consistent performance in school when they seem generally smart, bright students who just seem to shut down during school hours. Anxiety, confidence issues, fear are issues discussed so gifted children can use their gift, be it in academics or sports. See It. Say It. Do It! is a fine read well worth considering for parents and teachers who don’t want to see potential wasted.”

— Midwest Book Review – Vol 9.

“Dr. Hellerstein, one of America’s top vision specialists, provides an insightful and wonderfully practical look at learning how to learn that will be a tremendous gift to parents, teachers, tutors, and students of all ages. This book provides a wealth of clear and precise information describing how to help students master all kinds of learning by employing visualization and imagery skills that likely already possess but don’t know how to use. We are thrilled to have it available to recommend to the children and families we work with!”

— Drs. Brock and Fernette Eide, Eide Neurolearning Clinic, authors of The Mislabeled Child

If your child struggles with self-esteem and confidence issues, you’ll love See It. Say It. Do It! Dr. Lynn Hellerstein has created a practical and down to earth guide for helping your children tap their inner emotional and intellectual resources. When kids feel good about themselves they naturally perform better. This book will take you step-by-step through the process of helping your children transform negative thoughts, images and feelings into positive affirming ones that result in successful behavior and feelings of greater confidence. Dr. Hellerstein shows you how to incorporate these strategies naturally into everyday activities. See It. Say It. Do It! — an easy-to-read book overflowing with powerful life tools!

— Deborah SandellaPhD, RN Psychotherapist, award-winning author of Releasing the Inner Magician and founder of the RIM Institute

This is a beautifully written and remarkably useful book! See It. Say It. Do It! Dr. Hellerstein’s work has been life-changing for hundreds of child I have referred to her over the last 25 years. Non-readers became avid readers; resistant writers embraced writing passionately; children who could not spell became competent spellers; and uncoordinated children became athletes. The key to their success was visualization.

— Linda Kreger Silverman, PhD, Psychologist, Director of the Gifted Development Center, author of Upside Down Brilliance: The Visual-Spatial Learner

Scientists, mathematicians, and artists have long recognized the power of visualization in making new discoveries and creating great works of art. Dr. Lynn Hellerstein clearly explains how visualization can bring out a child’s creativity and improve performance in school, in sports and in life. The book is a must-read for parents and educators.

— Susan R. Barry, PhD, Professor of Neurobiology, Mount Holyoke College; Author of Fixing My Gaze

Dr. Hellerstein’s considerable experience in using visualization to enhance the visual process as an optometric practitioner is the basis of this book. She provides her model of visualization and the means to implement it to foster success in school, athletics and other real life situations. This is done in a clearly written and well organized manner. Her target audience is parents and teachers. However, the contents of this book should be of significant value to other professionals who seek to improve the quality of life of their patients. These include optometrists, psychologists, physical and occupational therapists.

— Irwin B. Suchoff, OD, DOS, FAAO, FCOVD; A Distinguished Service Professor, Emeritus, State University of New York; State College of Optometry Editor, Emeritus Journal of Behavioral Optometry