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Vision Screening Checklist

TBI Vision Screening Checklist

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    Does Your Child Struggle in School?  The Critical Link of Learning & Vision 9-2020


     SECO 3-2020

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Published Articles & Booksea_featured_1

Some of the reference articles and books below are published by Dr. Hellerstein, and others include other authors from the fields of optometry, medicine, education, psychology and various therapeutic fields. The references are cataloged by topic.

Vision and Learning Articles

Vision and Learning Books

Visualization Books & Articles

Vision Therapy

  3D Stereo Vision

Visual Consequences of Brain Injury

Sports Vision

Vision Development

Vision in Special Populations – ADHD, Autism Spectrum, Developmental Delays

Vision Screening

Vision & Gifted

PhotoLight Therapy

Collaboration with Therapists

Research – Including Brain, Vision

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