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For more than 40 years at Hellerstein & Brenner Vision Center, P.C., I’ve been passionate about inspiring thousands of people to improve their vision and enhance their lives through vision therapy. I am so very grateful for the opportunities I’ve had in treating children and adults who have learning related vision problems, vision perception deficits or brain injuries, as well as enhancing visual performance for athletes.

Throughout these years of private practice, my passion has included teaching and sharing about the “power of visualization” beyond my local community. This passion has provided me with the opportunity to speak around the world (Spain, Australia, Canada, Israel, Korea, Sweden, United States) and to write many scientific articles and four books (award-winning and Amazon #1 Bestsellers).

I’m not ready to stop yet! The importance of vision and its impact on lives is more important than ever. Billions of people have vision problems and remember, vision is so much more than 20/20.

I’ve now discovered the power of podcasting. Yes, this is my new labor of love. With a computer, microphone and headphones, conversations can happen globally and shared easily (all from the comfort of my office!).

Vision Beyond Sight podcast provides powerful and inspiring conversations with guests in the areas of healthcare, wellness, education, sports and psychology. These guests share their inspirations stories of healing and transformation through their vision expansion. Check out some of our latest podcasts (links below).

Remember, contrary to what most believe, you don’t “see” with your eyes. “It’s your brain that does the interpretation and processing”.

I invite each of you to join me! Subscribe and listen weekly on your favorite podcast platform. Share this information to your friends, family, physicians, educators, athletes, and coaches.

Welcome to Vision Beyond Sight.

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Dr. Hellerstein is available for lectures, trainings, workshops and interviews. If you are interested in reaching Dr. Hellerstein or booking an engagement, click HERE.

Lynn Fishman Hellerstein, O.D., FCOVD, FAAO

Check out some of our latest episodes!

Sharon LewisA Mission of Inclusion and Unlimited Community with Sharon Lewis

Sharon talks about her mission to be the one who makes a difference in inclusion and reflects on the idea of unlimited community and what it can do to humanity.

Listen now

Sandra BeckDeveloping Sight and Vision with Sandra Beck

Sandra and Dr. Lynn talk about developing sight and vision.

Listen now

Edina Harmon

The 6th Grader and Her Surprising Experiences with Visualization with Edina Harmon

Edina talks about how to use visualization in your life—even as an 11-year old, middle-school 6th grader!

Listen now

Sue Lee

How Expansion Thinking Led to the Sock It To Em Sock Campaign with Sue Lee

Sue talks about her practice of expansion thinking by asking what if, what else and why not, and discussed how she applied it to her vision of providing new socks for those in need and how she took that vision beyond its original concept.

Listen now

Erin Kerry

Matching Your Inner Vision with Your Outer Vision with Erin Kerry

Erin and Dr. Lynn talk about vision and visualization, and the power of matching your inner vision with your outer vision.

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Sariel Beckenstein

Returning to Oneself with Sariel Beckenstein

Sariel and Lynn start a conversation about returning to oneself and how he supports and helps people track the love of their dreams and find their way back to themself.

Listen now

Leigh Richardson

The Impact of Vision and Visualization with Leigh Richardson

Leigh talks to Dr. Lynn about the impact of having excellent vision, the power of visualization, and vision rehabilitative therapy.

Listen now

Dr. Fred Moss

Expand Your Vision with Dr. Fred Moss

Dr. Moss talks about how to expand your vision and Dr. Lynn’s exciting goals for creating the Vision Beyond Sight podcast.

Listen now

Bethany Friedlander

Creating Meaningful Jewish Moments Through PJ Library with Bethany Friedlander

Bethany talks about her work in PJ Library at JEWISHcolorado and its mission of connecting families, raising Jewish children with Jewish content books, and creating opportunities to allow parents to connect with each other to create meaningful Jewish experiences.

Listen now

Sandra Beck

Recreating a Vision for Your Life After Loss with Sandra Beck

Sandra discusses the importance of your vision for your future and how your awareness of it and even changing it can transform the course of your life, especially after a loss.

Listen now

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