Ending The Senseless Visual Struggle with Dr. Nancy Torgerson

Dr. Nancy TorgersonDr. Lynn Hellerstein of Vision Beyond Sight speaks with Dr. Nancy Torgerson, founder and owner of Alderwood Vision Therapy to talk about her journey in optometry/vision therapy, ending the visual struggle and how vision affects learning. Nancy, or Dr. T, is also an adjunct professor and co-author of The Essential Playbook, Maximizing Outcomes in Optometric Vision Therapy.

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  • Dr. T’s amazing journey in optometry/vision therapy
  • Ending the senseless visual struggle
  • How vision has to do with learning and the Autism spectrum
  • Her upcoming book
  • Her journey with her mom’s diagnosis and how it affected herself and her family

Fluent in compassion and enthusiasm, highly educated and credentialed, Dr. Nancy Torgerson or “Dr. T,” is a modern-day visionary, a recipient of numerous awards and international speaker.

Her long-established optometry center incorporates the leading-edge science of Vision Therapy. Dr. T can attest firsthand to its efficacy, having experienced remarkable results as a patient herself, and from the thousands of successful patients’ outcomes as they envision and pursue their newly perceived potential.

Equally comfortable and competent in her roles as mom, doctor, adjunct professor, founder and business owner, decades of growth and experience led her to create and co-author, The Essential Playbook, Maximizing Outcomes in Optometric Vision Therapy, which delivers to all practitioners gems of her work.

Dr. Torgerson attributes much of her success to the team approach in her practice and to her husband of forty years’ support, creativity and thoughtfulness.

Her mission is to love unconditionally with her whole heart, mind and soul with unwavering hope and optimism; empower through connection and relationship to hold space for others to imagine life from a different vantage and discover their true potential; to inspire with encouragement and empathy new possibilities, shining brightly for the betterment of humankind.

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“You know someone is very, very bright but are they to their potential? You may see that they lean or tilt when they’re reading or writing and that’s one great way to get rid of one eye because you get your nose in the way if you tilt to one side, or you cover an eye, or you let your hair cover an eye… You just look at how they’re doing things. When we say 20/20, you’re fine. Fine for what? Are they rubbing their eye, do they get carsick, do they fall asleep with reading?” – Dr. Nancy Torgerson

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