About Dr. Hellerstein

A pioneer in vision therapy and developmental optometry, for more than 30 years Dr. Hellerstein, has helped thousands of children and adults improve their vision and transform their lives — at home, in the classroom, and most recently on the playing field. Her breakthrough methods unlock barriers to learning and “rewire” around brain injuries, and vision perception or processing deficits. But you don’t have to have a vision problem to benefit: her brain training strategies may be the missing magic if you’re an athlete trying to nail a tricky shot or stay cool in competition. If it’s a skill you can visualize, Dr. Hellerstein can help train your eyes — and mind’s eye — on success.

Award-winning author

Dr. Hellerstein has extensive professional publications to her credit, but witnessing the joy of her patients overcoming a learning barrier or meeting a sports goal put her on a mission: to deliver her methods into a form that could reach a wide audience of parents and educators, to help more kids and more athletes. Her award-winning series, SEE IT. SAY IT. DO IT!®, is the happy result.



Her award-winning book, SEE IT. SAY IT. DO IT!® The Parent’s & Teacher’s Action Guide to Creating Successful Students & Confident Kids (2010, 2012), is a remarkable resource for helping kids succeed in school and become confident. Discover how to use her fun, step-by-step visualization process to break down barriers to learning and solve behavior problems, all by brain training and using the visual brain more effectively to create new pathways for success.


SEE IT. SAY IT. DO IT!® Organize It!

For kids who who struggle with meeting goals or daily routines like homework, the complementary workbook, SEE IT. SAY IT. DO IT!® Organize It! (2011), Dr. Hellerstein’s has joined forces with colleagues and authors with Beth I. Fishman-McCaffrey, OTR, and Patricia Dunnigan to help children (and adults) develop organizational skills by using her pioneering visualization process.


SEE IT. SAY IT. DO IT!® 50 Tips to Improve Sports Performance

Her newest book, SEE IT. SAY IT. DO IT!® 50 Tips to Improve Sports Performance (2013), brings Dr. Hellerstein’s magic out onto the playing field, in 50 tips and exercises for all ages and abilities, designed to improve sports vision skills and sports performance.

Expand Your Vision: How to Gain Clarity, Courage and Confidence

Expand Your Vision (2021) illustrates that the impossible is possible. Most limit their vision. Your vision does not limit you. Use Dr. Hellerstein’s new way to look at your world and life with a new pair of glasses. Get ready to meet yourself and receive visualizations for miracles to come.


Optometric practice

Dr. Hellerstein co-owns Hellerstein & Brenner Vision Center, P.C., a full-scope optometry practice in the Denver-Metro area, where she is a developmental optometrist and manages the vision therapy department. The practice specializes in the prevention, treatment, remediation and enhancement of the visual system for children and adults to achieve optimal function.


Dynamic and engaging, Dr. Hellerstein is a popular speaker nationally and has appeared internationally. Her electrifying programs open the eyes of parents, educators, therapists, athletes, coaches, optometrists, and physicians to the power of the visual brain — and how to engage it effectively. Learn More >>


Many educational and parenting groups, rehabilitation facilities, and sports teams consult with Dr. Hellerstein to increase success in school, work, sports, and confidence. Most recently, Dr. Hellerstein is helping entire organizations boost workplace performance. Please contact Dr. Hellerstein for information about she can help your organization boost performance.

Avid athlete and sports fan

Dr. Hellerstein’s participation in sports and interest in sports performance are personal and a lifelong love. In earlier years, she played racquetball and tennis, and now hikes, walks, and practices yoga. Her description of her one-and-only marathon shows that she clearly knows what it’s like to aim high and move past apparent physical and mental limits. Today, she is an assistant curator at National Ballpark Museum, a nonprofit museum in Denver, Colorado, where fans “experience baseball in its purest form.” Her baseball-playing husband, Bruce, is the museum curator. Dr. Hellerstein’s daughters are National Champion dancers and stay fit through yoga, boot camps, and hiking.