Expand Your Vision Beyond Sight


Can You See … Yet Be Blind to Your Possibilities?


Expand Your Vision Beyond Sight

Can You See … Yet Be Blind to Your Possibilities?

Contrary to what most believe, you don’t “see” with your eyes. It’s your brain that that delivers true vision. Are you fully engaging yours … or have you chosen to be short-sighted?


Dr. Lynn Hellerstein reveals in Expand Your Vision Beyond Sight how your visualization and intuition can turn dreams into reality. Within this gem of a book, you will meet:

  • Joey at 7 had crossed eyes. He could say his words, but couldn’t write them with clarity–he tried, but all he felt was frustration;
  • Betty at 74 who refused to wear her glasses because they blocked her creativity and artistic skills;
  • Reynold at 72 was ready to stop his Ironman feats because of double vision. He quickly discovered his athletic days were far from over; and
  • Trevor, who lost a large part of his field of vision due to a brain injury, encountered more physical and visual injuries than most can imagine, yet achieved his goal of becoming a medical doctor.

Expand Your Vision Beyond Sight illustrates that the impossible is possible. Most limit their vision. Your vision does not limit you. Use Dr. Hellerstein’s new way to look at your world and life with a new pair of glasses. Get ready to meet yourself and receive visualizations for miracles to come.


Does your inner vision match your outer vision? Do you know what your purpose is and do you have it in your sight? This book is for you!

“This message will be well-received as an inspiring read for those recovering from significant life challenges and those who need help in our patient and professional communities understanding the possibilities of expanding your vision beyond sight.”
—Katie Davis, OD, FCOVD
Book Reviewer for Vision Development & Rehabilitation Journal
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