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Visit The Greatest Art Museum in the World!

I love summer…I love nature!  So how do I spend my summer days in Colorado?  Out in nature!   Nature provides the greatest art museum in the world…the colors, interactions, multi-sensory experience.  Just can’t beat it! Listen to my grand-daughter, Edina as she wraps up our hike to the top of the mountain.       […]

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How to Heal Through Visualization

Visualization has been our topic now (as you can see my passion!). Last week I interviewed my two grandchildren to discuss their perspectives about the power of visualization. View the Videos Here  This week you can listen to my friend, Sue Lee, about how she uses visualization.  Sue is the CEO of EQ Media, Inc. It’s […]

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Do It!

Do It! The sample organizational chart below is from the workbook, Organize It! The workbook is full of work planning sheets, calendars and motivational activities. It helps you organize your child’s daily routines including chores, homework and other activities. This eliminates those frustrations and arguing over doing and completing the tasks!  This chart can easily […]

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Spring 2

Spring Has Sprung…sort of!

In the last several blogs, we discussed the power of visualization.  There are a number of strategies that may assist you in visualizing. Relaxing Breathing Building Awareness Moving (like walking) Having fun These strategies may be helpful in your visualization practice.  Let’s look at the relaxing strategy.  For more information and techniques, please check out See […]

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Autism spectrum vision examination

Autism & Vision

Thanks Lynette Louise for a fascinating interview about vision and autism.

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Self-Adjustable Glasses May Help Billions See

Thanks to the American Optometric Association for their information: As part of a series of articles dedicated to healthcare issues in the developing world, the New York Times  (9/27, D3, Bakalar, Subscription Publication) reports in “Small Fixes” that adjustable-focus eye glasses were invented by UK physicist Joshua Silver. “The two lenses are filled with clear silicone fluid, […]

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Expert Warns Against Eyeball Vodka Shots

Another way kids can ruin their eyes.  Just as I thought I heard it all, here comes another way for kids to get “high”…even though it doesn’t work. Read about the article in USA TODAY. USA Today (11/17, Weise) reports that some young people are trying vodka shots to the eye, “a bizarre method of […]

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They'll Laugh At Me…I Must Be Stupid

In my vision therapy practice, we’ve observed hundreds of children improve their tracking, focusing, eye teaming and visual information processing skills.  Reading frequently improves throughout the vision therapy program.  Some children just take off with a huge boost in confidence and excitement.  Some may need additional reading tutoring.  However, some children, even with their increased […]

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Fact or Fiction: Do You Really Need an Annual Eye Exam?

Dr. Dom Maino beautifully summarizes: BILL NYE DEBUNKS EYE EXAM MYTHS ON VSP VISION CARE’S NEW ONLINE VIDEO SERIES: VSP EyeFiles(SM) Myths like: Myth: Wearing glasses tends to weaken the eyes. Myth: Children do not need to have their vision tested until they are at least 5. Myth: If you can see fine, your eyes […]

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August Is Vision & Learning Month-Is Your Child Ready For School

Wow, the summer is almost over.  Like it or not, its back to school time. Are your kids really ready for school?  Do they have one of the most important skills they need to be successful students? Let Larry Fitzgerald, All-Pro Arizona Cardinals Wide Receiver set the record straight on the critical link between vision […]

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