“Chazon” – The Role of Vision in Jewish Texts and Spirituality with Rabbi Sarah Shulman (Episode #88)

Rabbi Sarah ShulmanDr. Lynn Hellerstein of Vision Beyond Sight speaks with Rabbi Sarah Shulman, congregational rabbi at the Hebrew Educational Alliance in Denver, and Ironman athlete. She talks about the role of vision in Jewish texts and spirituality, chazon or the Hebrew word for vision, and the importance of seeing God through one’s struggles. Rabbi Shulman also discussed the power of collaboration and community and finding God and light in each other amidst today’s difficult times.

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  • Rabbi Shulman’s personal journey towards teaching and spirituality
  • Chazon – the Hebrew word for vision
  • Seeing God through one’s struggles
  • How do you start getting a vision beyond or a direction after a struggle?
  • The power of the pause and creating your vision
  • Encouraging vision and ritual
  • Rabbi Shulman’s work in Jewish summer camps
  • The importance of collaboration and community
  • Finding God and your vision amidst the difficult times in today’s world
  • Seeking the light in our lives and seeing God through love

About Rabbi Sarah Shulman:

Rabbi Sarah Shulman serves as a congregational rabbi at the Hebrew Educational Alliance in Denver. Rabbi Shulman is passionate about community building through educational and spiritual experiences. She was ordained as a Conservative Rabbi with dual Masters degrees in Education and Rabbinic Studies from American Jewish University. Originally from Seattle, Rabbi Shulman attended Stanford University, where she received a B.A. in Human Biology and Creative Writing.

Rabbi Shulman has launched several different Jewish organizations and educational programs in North America, including most recently founding Camp Ramah in Northern California. She began her career as a teacher and administrator in the Bay Area. Throughout her career, Rabbi Shulman has served several congregations, Jewish camps, and social justice organizations, including AJWS and Hazon. She has been a Schusterman Fellow, DeLeT fellow, and Lefell Israel fellow. She also has an impressive athletic background, having competed in IRONMAN world championships and other ultra-endurance events as an accomplished swimmer, runner, and cyclist.

Rabbi Shulman lives in Denver with her husband Nate and their daughters Lielle (7) and Meital (2).

Connect with Rabbi Sarah Shulman and Hebrew Educational Alliance:

Rabbi Shulma sends a warm invitation for anyone to join HEA!

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“The Hebrew word for vision is ‘chazon’ which is the kind of vision that is often associated with the prophets. Actually the Shabbat that read Isaiah before the communal morning holiday of Tisha B’av is called Shabbat Chazon, Shabbat of Vision. The prophets actually give us a different kind of vision. It’s an ability to see beyond, in a moral kind of thing. The tradition of the prophets is one that is often contrary to the status quo. Sometimes it’s hard to stomach the vision that prophets have because they have a sense of being in tune not only with God’s vision for humanity, but also with the orphan, the widow and those that are struggling: a vision about how things could be, not just how they are.” – Rabbi Sarah Shulman

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