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Thanks to so many of you for subscribing and listening to my first published podcasts on Vision Beyond Sight!  I am so very excited with the response and feedback that we have received.  With a little marketing help of my podcast coach, my latest download stats show that some of the podcasts have over 74,000 clicks.  That blows my mind!!  It’s so very interesting and I’m so curious as to who in the world is accessing this information.

I’d love for each of you to listen a couple of podcasts and see what you think.  Please send me comments, questions or ideas for future podcasts.  This past weeks’ episodes include insights on Sports Vision with Dr. Alex Andrich, co-founder of the ISVA; PsychHike with psychotherapist Dr. Audrey Boxwell; “Open Your Eyes” documentary with producer Dr. Kerry Gelb; Jewish Explorers with program director Cindy Coons; Ending the Senseless Visual Struggle with Dr. Nancy Torgerson, expert and Past-COVD President; and more!  Subscribe and listen weekly on your favorite podcast platform.  Share this information to your friends, family, physicians, educators, athletes, and coaches.

Does your inner vision match your outer vision?Lynn with Umbrella

Most limit their vision.  Your vision does not limit you.

Contrary to popular belief, 20/20 isn’t perfect vision.

YOU too can expand your vision and gain clarity, courage and confidence.

Your vision does not define you…you define your vision.


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Lynn Fishman Hellerstein, O.D., FCOVD, FAAO

Check out some of our latest episodes!

Sports Vision and Rehabilitation of Vision After a Sports-Related Concussion with Dr. Alex Andrich

Dr. Alex Andrich, co-founder of The Vision Development Team and the International Sports Vision Association, talks about sports vision, vision skills and vision rehabilitation after sports-related concussions.

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PsycheHike and The Power of Movement to Heal Body, Mind and Spirit with Dr. Audrey Boxwell

Dr. Audrey Boxwell, a psychotherapist and pastoral counselor, talks about the program she developed called PsycheHike® that focuses on walking, hiking and all kinds of movement to heal the body, mind and spirit.

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Learn the Importance of Eye Exams through the Documentary “Open Your Eyes” with Dr. Kerry Gelb

Dr. Kerry Gelb, optometrist, documentary producer and podcast host talks about his documentary “Open Your Eyes” and explained why it’s so important to have our eyes examined, and how optometrists can now see almost 300 systemic diseases in the eye.

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Building Relationships and Community Through Jewish Explorers with Cindy Coons

Cindy Coons talks about her program that welcomes Jewish and Interfaith families with preschool and elementary school-aged children.

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Ending The Senseless Visual Struggle with Dr. Nancy Torgerson

Dr. Nancy Torgerson talks about her journey in optometry/vision therapy, ending the visual struggle and how vision affects learning.

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