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Year-End Checkup (Part 2): Turn Summertime Fun into Kid Success

With some easy exercises from my book and attention on your part, you can take advantage of summertime to turbo-charge your child’s school readiness.

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Year-End Checkup: Are Your Kids on Target in School? (Part 1)

Part of your summer fun can be setting up your child up for success next academic year, both by addressing issues and building on strengths.

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Teaching children to become successful through visualization

Empower children to learn easier with more success and confidence by using the See It! Say It! Do It! process of visualization combined with action.

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Vision therapy after a traumatic brain injury

After trying multiple treatments including acupuncture, K came to me for Vision Therapy and finally experienced relief and improvement.

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Getting the Word Out: Vision Therapy and a Self-Publishing Extravaganza

Vision therapy wasn’t on the agenda at Author U, but it was on the agenda of a certain mother: Georgia McCabe.

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Changing My View: Ten Days in Israel

I am a witness of history where history truly comes alive. I am grateful for the opportunity to experience and love Israel–its people, history and religious impact.

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Can Outdoor Time Help Your Child’s Vision?

This study finds that schoolchildren spending 80 minutes a day outside during school recess had a significantly reduced nearsightedness or shifts toward nearsightedness.

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Find the Fun: Visual Games for Kids

Barring problems in the visual system, developing visual skills in kids is an everyday happening, one kids can exercise playing visual games.

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What Your Child’s Poor Aim May Mean

As the outdoor sports season gets underway, now is a great time to observe how your child’s eye-hand-body coordination is developing.

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Free Vision Exams for Infants 6-12 Months

Spend a few minutes with a baby, and you’ll see a brain busily becoming the Grand Central Station of visual development.

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