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Many kids are misdiagnosed as having learning disabilities.

Did you know that 80% of learning is visual? Yet one out of four children in the U.S. has an undiagnosed visual problem that impacts his or her learning? Many of these kids are diagnosed or misdiagnosed as having learning disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder, dyslexia, or poor motivation. In addition, 70% of patients who have […]

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Back to school eye exams

School’s not out forever: Why ‘back-to-school’ exams are crucial this year

Back to school eye exams are important for ensuring not only overall healthy visual function but also that students understand the importance of adhering to good eye health hygiene and are appropriately seeking care when issues do arise, such as red or pink eyes.

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Lynn-CGT 2017

Dr. Lynn Hellerstein – Vision & Learning Video at SECO

Dr. Lynn Hellerstein – Vision & Learning Video at SECO

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Uncorrected Farsightedness Linked to Literacy Deficits in Preschoolers

“A study funded by the National Eye Institute (NEI), part of the National Institutes of Health, has shown that uncorrected farsightedness (hyperopia) in preschool children is associated with significantly worse performance on a test of early literacy.”

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The Eyes Have It-Some of Children’s Learning Troubles Caused by Treatable Vision Problems

Congrats to Dr. Derek Tong, Center for Vision Development in Pasedena, CA, for being featured in Arroyo magazine. The article is very timely as it celebrates COVD’s 10th Annual Vision & Learning Month.

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Back to school eye exams

Eye Focusing and Eye Teaming Resource for Parents, Educators and Other Professionals

The Binocular Vision, Perception and Pediatric Optometry Section of the American Academy of Optometry released a position paper titled, “Optometric Care of the Struggling Student: For Parents, Educators and Other Professionals.” Access the full paper at

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Dr. Lynn Hellerstein

Using Vision Therapy to Improve Your Schoolwork

This is an EXCELLENT resource on the importance of vision therapy to help the struggling student become more successful.

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Parents: Don’t make this mistake!

One of the biggest mistakes parents can make is to assume that their child’s vision is fine because the vision screening was passed at the pediatrician’s office or the school nurse’s office.Beanie Leffler, now 60 years old, knows firsthand how big a mistake that is. She had passed all the vision screenings, and her parents […]

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Could Vision Issues Be Contributing to Your Child’s Difficulty With Learning?

This is a CRITICAL article in the literature on vision therapy- Please be sure to read this.

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