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Visualization for School

Visualization-New Strategies for Improving Reading, Spelling & Creative Writing Skills-Part 2/3

Learn specific visualization strategies to help improve reading comprehension and fluency, spelling, creative writing, and math facts. Help your child/ patient with two of the biggest school stressors …homework and test anxiety.

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See It. Say It. Do It!

Visualization – A Multi-sensory Approach- Video presentation-Part 1

Experience the power of a multi-sensory approach to visualization utilizing seeing, hearing, touch, smell and taste imagery as well as body sensation. Beneficial for your patients, family and self!

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Podcast w/ Dr. Lynn Hellerstein & Judith Briles, book shepard, Author U

Step one for #author success—you need to “visualize” what you want to write … It’s the essential first step. New podcast with @MyBookShepherd @JudithBriles and guest @LynnHellerstein: #amwriting #authors #getpublished #books #vision #publishing

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Lynn-CGT 2017

A Life of Expecting Miracles

Our vision does not limit us. We limit our vision with our beliefs, behaviors and attitudes. Expand your vision. See beyond the predictable!

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Podcast – Healing and Success Through Visualization

Adventures in Brain Injury’s Cavin Balaster and Alek Hess interview Dr. Lynn Hellerstein about her book “See It. Say It. Do It!” and her methods for helping patients find success.

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Dr. Lynn Hellerstein Presentation

Join us on March 31 for a groundbreaking seminar on visual processing by Dr. Lynn Hellerstein, O.D.!

Q: Who is Dr. Lynn Hellerstein O.D.? A: Dr. Lynn Hellerstein is a developmental optometrist who specializes in preventive and functional vision care, including vision therapy. She is a highly acclaimed speaker, author, and consultant. Dr. Hellerstein has received countless awards and honors for her various achievements. Dr. Hellerstein has developed a method that has […]

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Dr. Lynn Hellerstein Interview

I am honored to have been interviewed by Women in Optometry. Watch the video below.

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The Eyes Have It-Some of Children’s Learning Troubles Caused by Treatable Vision Problems

Congrats to Dr. Derek Tong, Center for Vision Development in Pasedena, CA, for being featured in Arroyo magazine. The article is very timely as it celebrates COVD’s 10th Annual Vision & Learning Month.

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New Pathways to Practice Video Featuring Dr. Lynn Hellerstein

The new Pathways to Practice video features Lynn Hellerstein, OD, FCOVD, FAAO. Dr. Hellerstein discusses Raising the Profile of Vision Therapy.

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Visualization activity with 163 participants

Great visualization activity with 163 participants at SIODEC in Spain!

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