See It. Say It. Do It! ORGANIZE IT! with Dr. Lynn Hellerstein (Episode #75)

See It. Say It. Do It! Organize It! by Dr. Lynn HellersteinDr. Lynn Hellerstein of Vision Beyond Sight talks about utilizing visualization for organizational skills especially for kids (and even adults) through her book See It. Say it. Do It! ORGANIZE IT! In this special solo episode, find out how to use Dr. Lynn’s online vision checklist to help assess your child’s eye health, learn to create kid-friendly organizational charts and planners that encourage organizational skills for children, and grab your very own online copy of See It. Say It. Do It! ORGANIZE IT! Workbook for free!

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  • Reminder to have your child get an annual eye exam
  • Vision checklist to assess your child’s eye health – Click here to get it!
  • Organizational charts and planners for kids that create ownership and responsibility
  • How to create these organizational charts
  • See It. Say It. Do It! Process – visualize, declare, take action
  • Using the kid’s creativity and own learning style to create the chart
  • Estimating time and space for doing things
  • Grab your own online copy of See It. Say It. Do It! ORGANIZE IT! Workbook. Click here!
  • Visualization exercise on doing homework successfully
  • Tips for success in completing homework

About Dr. Lynn Hellerstein:

Lynn Fishman Hellerstein, O.D., FCOVD, FAAO, developmental optometrist, is the founder and co-owner of Hellerstein & Brenner Vision Center P.C.   A third-generation optometrist located in Colorado, Dr. Hellerstein graduated from Pacific University College of Optometry in 1977.

For more than 45 years, Dr. Hellerstein has treated children/adults with learning & reading deficits, visual processing disorders, brain injuries or special needs.  She is known as a pioneer in vision therapy and has created “brain-based” visual strategies to help individuals increase school and work success, improve sports performance and confidence.

Dr. Hellerstein is a nationally and internationally acclaimed speaker, educator and leader in the areas of vision therapy, vision rehabilitation, and sports vision.  An author of numerous professional journal articles and 4 books, she has won multiple awards, including #1 Amazon Best Seller for her book series, See It. Say It. Do It! 

See It. Say It. Do It! Organize It! by Dr. Lynn Hellerstein

Honors include:  COVD President’s Award (2015), New England College of Optometry Behavioral Optometric Scholar in Residence (2007), Colorado Optometrist of the Year (2006), National Academies of Practice Distinguished Practitioner (2001), and Distinguished Service Award for Colorado (1994).  An adjunct faculty member at 5 optometry schools, she is Past-President of the College of Optometrists in Vision Therapy (COVD).

Dr. Hellerstein has worked closely with several non-profit Boards, including Von’s Vision Foundation (All-pro football star Von Miller’s non-profit which provides low-income students with eye care and fashionable corrective eyewear) and she is Past-Chair of the Sock It To ‘Em Sock Campaign Board (providing socks to those experiencing homelessness).

Her two beautiful adult daughters and four grandchildren fill her life with fun and joy!

Click here to learn more and See It. Say It. Do It! Organize It!

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Special gifts for all you wonderful listeners!

“We asked Grace why she didn’t do her chores. And again we took the typical response: ‘There’s so much. I’ll never get done. I won’t have time to play. I just hate it.’ So we said to Grace, would you just write down what your daily chores would be. And you know at 10, and with all her significant learning problems, she only had a few chores like brush your teeth, get dressed in the morning, make her bed, and take her plate when she’s done eating and put it in the sink. That was about it but to Grace it was overwhelming. So we had her write them down and she could hardly write and she didn’t know how to spell so sometimes, she would just draw a picture or cut out a picture. So we listed the chores. And when she saw kind of the completion of the chores, she started understanding that, ‘Oh, this is not a list that goes on forever.’” – Dr. Lynn Hellerstein

Dr. Lynn Hellerstein, Developmental Optometrist, co-owner of Hellerstein & Brenner Vision Center, P.C., award-winning author and international speaker, holds powerful and inspiring conversations with her guests in the areas of health, wellness, education, sports and psychology. They share their inspirational stories of healing and transformation through their vision expansion. Vision Beyond Sight Podcast will help you see with clarity, gain courage and confidence. Welcome to Vision Beyond Sight!

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