Connect with Your Own Knowing Through Yoga and Meditation with Jen Wilking (Episode #74)

Jen WilkingDr. Lynn Hellerstein of Vision Beyond Sight speaks with Jen Wilking, physical therapist, yoga and meditation teacher, and writer, to talk about connecting with your own knowing through yoga and meditation. She discussed different types of yoga, the importance of “the breath” or breathing and visualization in yoga, using affirmations to confront your inner critic, discovering your core values after trauma, and the two-way street of meditation and action. Jen even conducted a sample meditation exercise for you!

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  • Different types of yoga
  • The importance of “the breath” or breathing
  • Visualization in yoga
  • Using Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way affirmations or blurts to confront your inner critic
  • Affirmations through the chakras
  • Jen’s appendicitis, the series of complications, and finding pieces of joy
  • Discovering your core values after trauma
  • The two-way street of meditation and action
  • Meditation exercise for you

About Jen Wilking:

Jen Wilking grew up in a small town in Ohio with a large extended family and a neighborhood full of kids. She went to Ohio State for undergrad (a BS in Physical Therapy), Arizona State for grad school (an MS in Exercise Science), and Arcadia for her doctorate in physical therapy. For the past decade, she’s been blending physical therapy and yoga, teaching beginners and advanced students alike, leading anatomy workshops and teacher trainings, and developing a yoga program for a group of people with Parkinson’s Disease and their partners.

During the pandemic, she took all her teaching online, leading Zoom yoga classes and trainings and creating an online breathing course. She began to teach a yoga nidra series in the spring of 2020 that’s grown into an 8-week program called Meditation Meets Action.

Jen envisions a world where people feel safe to be themselves. Where dignity is honored even when we disagree. And where we work together to build more just and joyful communities.

She writes, teaches, and leads with this as her inspiration.

Connect with Jen Wilking:

Website | Instagram | YouTube | LinkedIn | Medium | InsightTimer

Jen recently created a free email course called Optimize Your Breathing.

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The course helps you to develop a breathing pattern and posture that serve you well while clearing out old habits that work against you. You’ll learn to breathe efficiently with simple and accessible techniques to improve your mood, energy, and overall health. The course includes videos and guided meditations delivered by email daily for a week.

“Probably my most used affirmations are the chakras. So the focal points that were used in ancient meditation, they ran from the pelvic floor to the top of the head, and each of them has a focus. Starting at the bottom: ‘I am safe. I am free. I belong. I am loved. I am true. I see clearly. And I surrender.’ And when I use those from bottom to top, I’ll start those, like in meditation in the morning just to settle myself. So to me, those are very felt affirmations that just settle me right into where I am.” – Jen Wilking

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