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Vision Beyond Sight: Listen to Our Latest Episodes!

Thanks to so many of you for subscribing and listening to my first published podcasts on Vision Beyond Sight!  I am so very excited with the response and feedback that we have received.  With a little marketing help of my podcast coach, my latest download stats show that some of the podcasts have over 74,000 […]

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Alex Andrich - Vision Beyond Sight with Dr. Lynn Hellerstein

Sports Vision and Rehabilitation of Vision After a Sports-Related Concussion with Dr. Alex Andrich

Dr. Lynn Hellerstein of Vision Beyond Sight speaks with Dr. Alex Andrich, an optometrist, performance vision coach and lecturer. He is the co-founder of The Vision Development Team and the International Sports Vision Association. He talks about sports vision, vision skills and vision rehabilitation after sports-related concussions. Click here and tune in to the show now to […]

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Expand Your Vision

The Power of Visualization – Free digital book copy!

#1 Amazon International Best-Selling Author, Dr. Lynn Hellerstein, shares how the power of visualization can help you break through internal barriers and create new possibilities for achieving your goals in life!

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Back to school eye exams

School’s not out forever: Why ‘back-to-school’ exams are crucial this year

Back to school eye exams are important for ensuring not only overall healthy visual function but also that students understand the importance of adhering to good eye health hygiene and are appropriately seeking care when issues do arise, such as red or pink eyes.

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child decoded

Child Decoded – Unlocking Complex Issues In Your Child’s Learning Behavior or Attention

We believe that all children are extraordinary. All children are born with creativity, curiosity, and their own unique voice. They have an innate desire to explore the world around them, learn about it, and find their place in it. They come into this world with natural abilities. But sometimes, they need a little help lining […]

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Vision & ADHD

One of the country’s leading authorities on ADHD, Dr. Vincent Monastra holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and is the Director of the FPI Attention Disorders Clinic in Endicott, NY. Dr. Monastra relates his approach. He notes that another kind of problem that isn’t picked up on routine evaluation, or even lab work done by […]

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Osmo-169x300 (2)

Vision Games for the Holidays

Find those fun “educational” games that your children will love for holiday presents!

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What’s New in Computer & IPad Apps for Vision Training!

Learn about the new “games” and 3D technology to improve eye teaming skills, eye movements and amblyopia

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Siodec Conference 2015

Come with Me to Spain

Join me for the Siodec conference in Gijon, Spain. I will be speaking on “The Power of Visualization” on May 13-14, 2015. My vision therapist, Cindy, will be presenting with me.  Looking forward to a FUN adventure of sharing, learning and relaxing!  

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Vision Problems in Children with Sensory Processing Disorder

Vision Problems in Children with Sensory Processing Disorder

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