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Research on Vision Therapy

Thanks to Steve Leslie BOptom, Leonard Press OD & Mark Overton for their summaries of vision therapy research published in the Australian College of Behavioral optometrists:

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The Social & Economic Impact of Poor Vision

White paper by The Boston Consulting Group & Essilor- summary 2012 30% of children experience vision problems that have a significant impact in terms of long-term health, school performance and emotional/social difficulty.

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Research on Visual Evoked Potential and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Researchers from SUNY State College of Optometry won the Award for Best Article at the 2016 Annual COVD Meeting for their work on visual evoked potential and human attention

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How Meditation Benefits the Brain

Thanks Dr. Maino for the blog post: …found that the experienced meditators, regardless of the type of meditation they practiced, seemed able to switch off the defaul mode network, which has been linked to lapses of attention, and disorders such as attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and anxiety.  This part of the brain, comprising […]

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Self-Adjustable Glasses May Help Billions See

Thanks to the American Optometric Association for their information: As part of a series of articles dedicated to healthcare issues in the developing world, the New York Times  (9/27, D3, Bakalar, Subscription Publication) reports in “Small Fixes” that adjustable-focus eye glasses were invented by UK physicist Joshua Silver. “The two lenses are filled with clear silicone fluid, […]

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Strabismus Long Term Outcome for Partial Accommodative Esotropia Surgery

Thanks to Dr. Dom Maino for his blog post as follows: Partially accommodative esotropia is an acquired strabismus characterized by high hyperopia, a normal AC/A ratio, and a deviation that responds only partially to spectacle correction. …. This retrospective study was done to determine the risk factors for a poor surgical outcome, and to evaluate the […]

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Vision & Learning Readiness- Summit in Washington DC

I was honored to be the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) representative at the 2011 School Readiness Summit: Focus on Vision (April 11-12, 2011) in Washington DC.  The Summit included: 1.  Updated neurologic research on vision and learning 2. Heart-touching stories from Dr. Sue Barry (author of Fixing My Gaze) and Robin Benoit (author […]

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Dyslexia and Vision Problems – NEW RESEARCH

The discussion continues-many reading specialist still believe that vision has nothing to do with reading.  My first response to them is, “Cover your eyes, now read.”  That doesn’t make them happy, but how obvious is it that vision is still a part of the reading process/ More of the new brain research is now showing […]

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PREVENT Nearsightedness in Kids!

The Los Angeles Times (2/13, Mascarelli) reported, “Eye experts increasingly believe that time spent outdoors could reduce the likelihood that children will develop myopia, or nearsightedness, a condition in which distance vision is blurred.” In fact, “a recent study found that in Americans ages 12 to 54, the prevalence of myopia increased 66% between 1970 and […]

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Primary Care Optometrists- Need to Refer for Vision Therapy

Dr. James Thimons, a well known speaker and expert in optometry, recommends in his article found in Primary Care Optometry that adult patients who present with a recent onset of double vision should be evaluated for a possible underlying neurological problems (like a stroke or multiple sclerosis…) .  Vision therapy is often necessary in treating […]

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