Self-Adjustable Glasses May Help Billions See

Thanks to the American Optometric Association for their information:

As part of a series of articles dedicated to healthcare issues in the developing world, the New York Times Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (9/27, D3, Bakalar, Subscription Publication) reports in “Small Fixes” that adjustable-focus eye glasses were invented by UK physicist Joshua Silver. “The two lenses are filled with clear silicone fluid, and there is a dial on each arm. The user puts on the glasses and then twists each dial until vision in both eyes is satisfactory.” Silver, now the director of the Center for Vision in the Developing World, is dedicated to cutting production costs of the glasses so more of the billion people needing eyeglasses in the developing world can get them.

By Dr. Lynn Hellerstein

Colorado Optometrist in Vision Therapy and Visual Processing

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