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Podcast – Healing and Success Through Visualization

Adventures in Brain Injury’s Cavin Balaster and Alek Hess interview Dr. Lynn Hellerstein about her book “See It. Say It. Do It!” and her methods for helping patients find success.

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Visualization activity with 163 participants

Great visualization activity with 163 participants at SIODEC in Spain!

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3 Edian

Vision Development…Through Edina’s Eyes Part VII

Happy birthday!  Edina is 3 years old…going to pre-school! It is now three years since my beautiful grand-daughter, Edina Rose was born on September 14, 2010. Edina has given me […]

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The Power of Vision Therapy

Excellent video of patients describing their experiences and huge impact that vision therapy has had on their lives. Thanks Dr. Fortenbacher for sharing his excellent video. By Dr. Lynn Hellerstein, […]

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Sports Vision Training-The New Way to Sharpen Your Sports Performance

Thanks to COVD.org for their video on the importance of vision for sports! By Dr. Lynn Hellerstein, Colorado Optometrist in Vision Development, Hellerstein & Brenner Vision Center PC

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How Can My Child See Well and Still Have a Vision Problem?

Thanks to Dr. Dan Fortenbacher for his great blog, Good sight and bad vision…recognizing the difference and how to explain it to parents. Here his simple answer: “Yes your child […]

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Seeing Well Is Important to Kids!

Thanks to Monica Beyer, writer, for including our great optometric resource by Dr. Andrea Thau, the AOA Spokesperson: When A Visit To The Eye Doc Is In Order SheKnows.com| Monica […]

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Convergence Insufficiency: A Major Review: 2012

Excellent review on convergence insufficiency by Drs. Jeffrey Cooper & Nadine Jamal.  Click here to read. By Dr. Lynn Hellerstein, A Colorado Optometrist in Vision Therapy, Hellerstein & Brenner Vision […]

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Through Edina’s Eyes – 2 years old

We continue with vision development through Edina’s eyes. Please check out previous newsletters to read the first five parts of this story. This newsletter includes the developmental time frame from […]

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Vision Therapy Presentation at 2012 USAA Conference on Autism

Great seeing Patty Lemer and other physicians, teachers, therapists and friends at the USAA Autism conference in Denver this past weekend. I was honored to give a vision therapy workshop […]

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