Dyslexia and Vision Problems – NEW RESEARCH

The discussion continues-many reading specialist still believe that vision has nothing to do with reading.  My first response to them is, “Cover your eyes, now read.”  That doesn’t make them happy, but how obvious is it that vision is still a part of the reading process/

More of the new brain research is now showing what we in optometry and vision therapy have seen for years.  Vision is very much a part of the reading process, from the initial sensory input to the higher level visual processing and motor response.  We have tremendous success in vision therapy treating those kids with vision problems, while still referring to our excellent reading/learning specialists, if necessary, for their expertise and support.

This new research study from a laboratory in France concludes, “Visual/ocular motor imperfections may exist in dyslexics that lead to fixation instability and thus, to instability of the letters or words during reading; such instability may perturb fusional processes and might-in part-complicate letter/word identification.”

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By:  Lynn F. Hellerstein, OD, FCOVD, FAAO

Colorado Optometrist in Vision Therapy and Visual Processing


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