Eye Focusing and Eye Teaming Resource for Parents, Educators and Other Professionals

The Binocular Vision, Perception and Pediatric Optometry Section of the American Academy of Optometry released a position paper titled, “Optometric Care of the Struggling Student: For Parents, Educators and Other Professionals.” Access the full paper at http://bit.ly/17uoVCw.

Recent research has clearly shown that problems in eye focusing and eye teaming are common in students and should be evaluated, especially in children who are struggling in school. Parents, teachers and other professionals often have several common questions when seeking information about disorders of eye focusing and eye teaming.

“This position paper will make it clear to parents, educators and other professionals that there are students who struggle needlessly with correctable vision problems that go either unidentified or uncorrected.  With the research and resources available today, this is no longer acceptable,” said Leonard Press, OD, FCOVD, FAAO of the Binocular Vision, Perception and Pediatric Optometry Section.

The position paper concludes that if a problem is found, then effective treatment should be prescribed. Timely identification and treatment of eye focusing and teaming problems can remove a potential obstacle that may restrict a child from performing at his or her full potential.


By Dr. Lynn Hellerstein, Colorado OPtometrist in vison therapy

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