Vision as a Foundation of Worth, Esteem and Confidence: Changing the World One Living Room at a Time with Nellie Harden (Episode #98)

Nellie HardenDr. Lynn Hellerstein of Vision Beyond Sight speaks with Nellie Harden, author, speaker and family life and leadership coach, to talk about changing the world one living room at a time by building worth, esteem and confidence in our children, especially daughters and young women. Nellie discussed tools that parents can use such as creating a vision, instilling discipline, showing vulnerability and scheduling your time. Elevate your parenting and build a strong foundation for your children now!

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  • Preparing your daughters to be released unto the world
  • The fundamental pillars of worth – to be seen, heard and loved, to belong and to have purpose
  • Behavioral differences between boys and girls – waffles vs. spaghetti
  • Tools for parents to help their children
  • Building a vision
  • Disciplining yourself
  • Showing vulnerability to gain trust
  • Managing one-on-one time with each of Nellie’s four daughters
  • Using these tools for adults
  • Scheduling time to talk with your children and loved ones
  • Nellie’s free resources for listeners
  • Changing the world one living room at a time

About Nellie Harden:

Nellie Harden is a wife of 23 years, mother to 4 teenage daughters, and an author and speaker in the space of Family Life & Leadership. She and her family moved to a small coastal town in North Carolina in the US after living in the bustling Midwest for many years.

Her work focuses on helping parents love & lead their daughters in a way that teaches them to love & lead themselves while building a strong foundation of worth, esteem & confidence all before they leave home!  This foundation is essential to her becoming a leader in her own life and being equipped for the world and work she is entering into.

Her background is in biology and psychology, from humpbacks to humans, and she has invested decades of her life into personal, family, faith, and leadership development.

Most of all, she believes the best way to change the world is through one living room at a time!

Connect with Nellie Harden:

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Check out Nellie’s complimentary resourcesbooks and Daughter Decoder masterclass.

“I really implore parents to think about, ‘What do I want them to take into adulthood?’ Definitely worth, esteem and confidence. Everyone in the world needs those especially if they want to fulfill a successful, fulfilling life. But what else, right? What is specific to you that you want to bring to the table? You can start to put goals forward, and as your child matures and grows, you can start to get their input on things and mold in this beautiful foundation that is going to be their specific, only-made-for-them foundation of worth, esteem and confidence that you work on first for her or him, and then together, as they get into the second half of childhood. So that’s that vision piece right there.” – Nellie Harden

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