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visualization for kids sports 2

Tip #38 VISUALIZATION Sports preparation.

The first time you try imagery (visualization), it’s helpful to have a skilled facilitator or practitioner walk you through the process.

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visualization for kids sports

Tip #37 VISUALIZATION Script for ages 9-13

Visualization for kids sports: PARENT: Find a relaxing place to sit or lie down. Breathe in and out (pause). In and out. Gently close your eyes and allow your body to relax.

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Gymnast colored

Tip #35 It’s never too early to start visualizing.

Even young kids can benefit from visualization. Young or older, the key is to practice DAILY—at home or at your sports activity.

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Eye Focusing and Eye Teaming Resource for Parents, Educators and Other Professionals

The Binocular Vision, Perception and Pediatric Optometry Section of the American Academy of Optometry released a position paper titled, “Optometric Care of the Struggling Student: For Parents, Educators and Other Professionals.” Access the full paper at

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Welcome to our new office!

Hellerstein & Brenner Vision Center Celebrates Their New Office!

Welcome to Hellerstein and Brenner new office space

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