See It. Say It. Do It!® Process – Part I Visualization

See It. Say It. Do It!®  Process – Part I

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SEE IT!  Visualize!

Definition of visualization:

The word, visualization, conjures up many images and meanings for people.  Visualization is defined in numerous ways, depending on the person and the type of discussion and situation. For example, visualization may be simply defined as utilizing visual mental imagery or picturing in your “mind’s eye.” Or the term visualization may refer to a more multi-sensory inclusive term utilizing seeing, hearing, touch, smell and taste imagery as well as body sensations. The ability to imagine, sense, become aware of, move, manipulate and expand the pictures in your “mind’s eye” and the feelings or senses in your body, thereby developing new perspectives and creativity. Visualization is the “knowing,” or “I got it,” or “gut feeling,” through the orchestration of your senses.

Teaching children to become successful in school

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