See It. Say It. Do It!® Process – Part 2 Say It!

Declare it—Say It is the second component of the See It. Say It. Do It!® Process. This means to say out loud what you want to happen; and say it like it already has come true. In other words, start with the end result and then work backward. Declarations, also called affirmations, are important elements of the visualization process that lead to transformation (Ta-Dah!). It is crucial to clearly and persuasively state the  declaration of your vision. A strong declaration transforms your attitudes and expectations in life.

Say It!  Declare It!

Say It! Declare It!

The See It. Say It. Do It!® Process is an active process to teach your child how to manage his thoughts. It starts with the visualization, and then the declaration toward a particular purpose.

Start with small goals to build confidence and experience. Once your child experiences the confidence of visualizing, stating his declaration and having his goal happen, then encourage him to look at an even bigger picture, beyond just a test or simple activity. Go for the big dreams!

Here are some suggestions for declarations your child might just use. Let him choose his own declaration, however. Note the opposite negative thought which is common when kids are not confident and don’t believe in themselves.

Inspired declarations

  • I am a good reader!
  • I like myself!
  • I make good choices!
  • I am a runner!
  • I am a good friend to my friends and family!
  • I can do anything I want I can’t …

Compare those inspired declarations with many of the negative thoughts that your child (or you) make frequently notice:

I hate to read.
I don’t like myself.
I make dumb choices.
I’m really slow.
No one likes me.

Once your child has created his declarations, have him repeat them consistently day and night, out loud if possible. Your child can increase the effectiveness of the declarations by including all his senses. Have him decorate his room with his declarations, by making signs, pictures and posters that represent his statements. Start including movement with his declarations.

Try creating some of your own declaration.  Say it powerfully!

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