See It. Say It. Do It!® Process

See It. Say It. Do It!®  Process

Calling All Parents and Teachers …

Welcome to the world of visualization—where children learn to learn better, achieve more and build confidence.

Children are naturally curious—think of all the things that a toddler and pre-schooler get into. What happens when the formal school years hit? Why do so many struggle in school, a place where their curiosity should be encouraged to grow?

For too many, the basic academic subjects—reading, writing, spelling and math—become frustrating. Your child may become a “behavioral” problem, stressed and/or anxious and a master of avoiding tasks.

No more.

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See It. Say It. Do It! (R)

With  the See It. Say It. Do It!®  Process  your child will discover a whole new world. Action will be taken in all areas of his or her life by:

  • Becoming more confident
  • Creating strategies to overcome obstacles and barriers
  • Being successful in school
  • Developing a joy for learning
  • Enhancing sports performance

Even if your child doesn’t have learning issues, See It. Say It. Do It!®  offers the tools and strategies that will improve and empower performance levels.

Both you and your child will be celebrating with a huge Ta-Dah!

The first part explores what visualization is and how it develops. In the second part, the See It. Say It. Do It! Model is introduced. The model was developed in my optometric practice. The acronym VDAT is the adult terminology for the See It. Say It. Do It! Model. It stands for Visualize, Declare, Take Action, and Transform.

Visualize is See It.
Declare is Say It.
Take Action is Do It!

The model leads to Transformation, which for your child is a huge Ta-Dah!



The next several blogs will further explore the See It. Say It. Do It!®

For more in-depth understanding of See It. Say It. Do It!®, check out the book.

See It. Say It. Do It!

See It. Say It. Do It!

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