Vision Problems in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder- NEW ARTICLE PUBLISHED!

Why do developmental optometrists collaborate with Speech/language pathologists?

Many thanks to the editors of the 2eNewsletter who requested that Linda Hodgdon, M.Ed., CCC-SLP and myself write a joint article.  Most students on the autism spectrum (ASD), as well as many students with other special needs or learning challenges, have been described as being visual learners…they understand what they see better than what they hear.  Researchers have found that the majority of children with ASDs are stronger in visual spatial abilities than in auditory processing abilities.

Having visual learning strength doesn’t mean that children with ASD have perfect vision however.  Even if these children can be tested at 20/20 (it is often a challenge to do vision testing), these children can and often do experience vision problems described in the article.  These vision problems impact and affect their learning and participation in school and other activities.

The article discusses types of visual behaviors found in children with ASDs, how to get the right visual evaluation, treatment options, and other ways to provide support for these children.  Collaborative visual treatment with a developmental optometrist along with the support of a speech-language pathologist utilizing visual strategies, can help these children become more successful in communication, schools, sports and life.

Many thanks to Linda Hodgon, M.Ed., CCC-SLP for her expertise, writing and collaboration.  Linda is an international speaker and consultant for autism spectrum disorders and related learning needs.

Check her out on her website and excellent materials at:  Use Visual

Click to read the entire article in 2E Newsletter: Vision Problems in Children with Austism Spectrum Disorder

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Autism spectrum vision examination

Autism spectrum vision examination


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