Is Your Child Visually Ready For School? Seeing Beyond 20/20

Occupational therapy webinar was very well accepted.  You can listen to the webinar (as well as others) by registering here.

Course Abstract

Many children have 20/20 eyesight, yet 1 out of 4 children have vision problems. This impacts their school success, sports performance, and confidence. This workshop is loaded with information to help you spot the signs and symptoms of vision problems and learn about the critical link between vision development and learning.

Thanks to for the opportunity!  Looking forward to additional webinars.

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 Review by: Member on April 20, 2014
very informative. good video clips and examples. Clarity was good.Easy to understand contents.
 Review by: Member on April 17, 2014
good visual slides/cues
Review by: Member on April 10, 2014
The exploration of the occupational impact of vision problems proved interesting.
 Review by: Member on April 10, 2014
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