A Life of Expecting Miracles

I just returned from a fabulous conference:  the `7th Annual Conference for Global Transformation in Monterey, CA.

What a miracle occurred.  I was honored to give one of the keynotes.  Topic was:  Expand Your Vision Beyond Sight.  The keynote was about my personal health crisis in 2002, which ended up being a gift of vision transformation for myself personally as well as for the 1000s of patients I work with and speak to.

Our vision does not limit us.  We limit our vision with our beliefs, behaviors and attitudes.  Expand your vision.  See beyond the predictable!

Imagine a life…where miracles occur frequently.  In the presenece of an expanded awareness, a miracle, you are left with a choice  You can think, speak and act consistent with the new awrenenss or more likely, you will explain away the new world in terms from the past…

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