Dr. Sam Berne Podcast with Dr. Lynn Hellerstein

Eye Clarity Podcast– Holistic Eye Health

I am so honored to be interviewed by my esteemed colleague and friend, Dr. Sam Berne.  Dr. Sam’s podcasts and teachings are creative, inspiring, holistic, and cutting edge info on vision health.  Dr. Sam has a listening group of over 60,000 people

Please click here to listen to his podcast interview of me!  Thanks Dr. Sam for the opportunity to share about my newest book, a 12 category Amazon Best-Seller- Expand Your Vision:  How to Gain Clarity, Confidence, and Courage

To contact Dr. Sam:

Instagram: @samberneod
Facebook: /SamBerneOD
Twitter: @DrSamBerne
LinkedIn: /in/drsamberne/
Website: https://www.drsamberne.com/

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