Visualization- for Sports and Performance Video Presentation- Part 3/3/

This is a 3 Part series presented to the International On-line IHeartVT conference in April 2020.

Part 1. Visualization: A Multi-Sensory Approach (1 hour) Visualization is the ability to imagine, sense, become aware of, move, manipulate & expand the pictures in your “mind’s eye” & the feelings or senses in your body… thereby developing new perspectives and creativity. Experience the power of a multi-sensory approach to visualization utilizing seeing, hearing, touch, smell and taste imagery as well as body sensation. Beneficial for your patients, family and self!

Part 2. Visual Processing & Academics: New Strategies for Improving Reading, Spelling, Math & Creative Writing Skills. (1 hour) Learn specific visualization strategies to help improve reading comprehension and fluency, spelling, creative writing, and math facts. Help your child/ patient with two of the biggest school stressors …homework and test anxiety.

Part 3. Visualization for Sports and Performance Learn about the importance of enhancing visualization for sports, music, and optimal performance in life.


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