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Many kids are misdiagnosed as having learning disabilities.

Did you know that 80% of learning is visual? Yet one out of four children in the U.S. has an undiagnosed visual problem that impacts his or her learning? Many of these kids are diagnosed or misdiagnosed as having learning disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder, dyslexia, or poor motivation. In addition, 70% of patients who have […]

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How Can My Child See Well and Still Have a Vision Problem?

Thanks to Dr. Dan Fortenbacher for his great blog, Good sight and bad vision…recognizing the difference and how to explain it to parents. Here his simple answer: “Yes your child may have good eyesight, but from what I can see, he has poor vision skills and that it is important that they make an appointment with […]

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Seeing Well Is Important to Kids!

Thanks to Monica Beyer, writer, for including our great optometric resource by Dr. Andrea Thau, the AOA Spokesperson: When A Visit To The Eye Doc Is In Order SheKnows.com| Monica Beyer | 09/06/2012 Here is a short part of the article: “Seeing well is important for kids — it’s how they learn, interact and grow […]

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Beauty Inside & Out in the Colorado Rockies

We just spent 1 week in Beaver Creek, a ski resort near Vail, CO.  What a delightful time we had, relaxing, taking in nature, making smores, singing and oh yes, doing a little work.  My 11 month old grand-daughter loved the ski lifts & hikes as well.   I’m so very grateful for my  family. […]

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Its Your Health Radio Interview

It’s Your Health is a dynamic and engaging radio program dedicated to providing strategies for healthier living.  Lisa Davis, M.P.H., C.N.C. host of http://www.itsyourhealthradio.org/ provides a holistic approach to physical, emotional, and spiritual health and wellness.  Lisa inspires her listeners through interviews with local and nationally known health experts, and guests who have made tremendous changes […]

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Is Your Child Ready For Contact Lenses?

“Are contact lenses appropriate, or even safe, for my child to wear?” Many parents ask me those questions.  Our practice, Hellerstein & Brenner Vision Center PC, has been successfully  fitting contact lenses on children, even as young as 1 years old.   When the kids as this young, it is usually for a very specific […]

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