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Dr. Dom Maino – My Hero

Dr. Dom Maino, a man of many talents…great optometrist, editor, blogger, musician, educator, author… funny, warm, caring man…

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Visual Games and Apps

IPAD and Android Apps and Games for Visual Learning

Thanks to many of my optometric colleagues, here is a list of some educational toys and activities for kids of various ages and abilities. These toys may help develop visual processing and visual motor skills!

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Breathing for relaxation

Enhance Your Visualizations: Relax, BREATHE, Build Awareness

When you breathe deeply and teach your child how to do it, it creates calm, which is part of the relaxation process.

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Relaxation for children

Enhance Your Visualizations: RELAX, Breathe, Build Awareness #2

Here’s another fun activity to help your child learn how to relax.

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Light bulb - Practice Visualizing

The Light Bulb – Practice Visualization

Let’s practice visualizing! It’s not just about seeing a picture in your mind. The more sensations your child brings into her visualization, the stronger and more meaningful it becomes. Encourage her to turn her “lights on” with this next activity.

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Developmental model of vision

The Developmental Vision Model

This represents a DevelopmentalModel of Vision. The outer circle represents the life activities that are important to your child: school, work, coordination/sports, play, relationships and success in life. A strong foundation is required upon which to build.

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My Ape Is - Tapping into your imagination

My Ape Is…Tap Into Your Imagination

Imagination has no boundaries. The following activity taps the imagination–its one that kids of all ages can do–it can be done almost anywhere. The siller the responses, the better!

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Balloon trip - Visualization

Take an “Imaginary” Hot Air Balloon Trip

This activity emphasizes relaxing, breathing, quiet, safety and fun…great for kids…great for adults.

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Year-End Checkup (Part 2): Turn Summertime Fun into Kid Success

With some easy exercises from my book and attention on your part, you can take advantage of summertime to turbo-charge your child’s school readiness.

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Changing My View: Ten Days in Israel

I am a witness of history where history truly comes alive. I am grateful for the opportunity to experience and love Israel–its people, history and religious impact.

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