The Light Bulb – Practice Visualization

Visualization: The ability to imagine, sense, become aware of, move, manipulate and expand the pictures in your “mind’s eye” and the feelings or senses in your body, thereby developing new perspectives and creativity.

Let’s practice visualizing! It’s not just about seeing a picture in your mind.
The more sensations your child brings into her visualization, the stronger and
more meaningful it becomes. Encourage her to turn her “lights on” with this
next activity.

The Light Bulb

Purpose: Have fun using your many senses.
Instructions to parent:
When giving this visualization to your child, be sure to give her time to
notice and describe her picture. Pause between questions. Don’t feed
her with answers. Let her have the time to imagine and create. It’s
not about having a right answer here. It’s about your child learning to
continued on next page become aware through all of her senses, and then to change, expand and create more pictures. Most kids love this activity and really get into the fun of it.

Some kids, however, have a different experience. You might tell her
to see a light bulb, but she may see something else, like a tree, or a dog,
or a color, or who knows what else. That is just fine. Go with it and
explore whatever she sees. The goal is to start her becoming aware of
her visualization process.

Instructions to your child
Parent: Sit comfortably, and take a few deep breaths.
Imagine a light bulb.
What color is your light bulb?
Child: It’s .
Parent: Now, change the color of the light bulb. Is it bright or dim?
Child: It’s .
Parent: Make it brighter, then darker.
(With your hand, turn the light on and off with a flip of a switch
or a turn of the dial. Encourage your child to actually “flip” the
switch in her mind.)
Parent: Very carefully get close to the light bulb. Be careful, it might
be hot!
Is the light bulb above you or on a table?
Child: It’s …
Parent: While looking at your light bulb, notice if there are any sounds
in the room. Do you smell anything?
Child: I hear .
Parent: Time to turn your light bulb out! “Click,” there goes the switch.
(Make a clicking sound representing a flip of the switch).

Light bulb - Practice Visualizing

Light bulb – Practice Visualizing


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