Enhance Your Visualizations: RELAX, Breathe, Build Awareness #2

Here’s another fun activity to help your child learn how to relax.

Relaxation for children

Relaxation for children

The Dog Shake Activity

Purpose: Learn how to relax.

Instructions to child:
Parent: Stand up.
Imagine that you are a dog.
What color dog are you?
Child: I’m …
Parent: Are you a big or little dog?
Child: I’m …
Parent: Pretend that you just ran through a sprinkler and got all wet.
Brrrr, you’re all wet and cold!
Now shake your whole body, just like the dog would after its bath.
Wiggle your toes, shake out your fingers, move your head back and
forth, shake your bottom, shake out your entire body!
Are you dry yet? If not, wiggle all your body parts again!
Do you need a towel to dry off?
Child: Yes or no
Parent: Imagine yourself using your towel to dry off.
Wiggle back and forth as you dry off all parts of your body with your
pretend towel; your shoulders, your hips, your feet.
Now, once you are dry, its time to let the sun warm you up.
Lay on the ground or on a clean, pretend towel.
Enjoy the warmth of the sun, as your clean, dry body relaxes.

Activity is from the book, See It. Say It. Do It!

By Dr. Lynn Hellerstein, #ColoradoOptometrist in #VisionTherapy

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