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Balloon trip - Visualization

Take an “Imaginary” Hot Air Balloon Trip

This activity emphasizes relaxing, breathing, quiet, safety and fun…great for kids…great for adults.

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Year-End Checkup (Part 2): Turn Summertime Fun into Kid Success

With some easy exercises from my book and attention on your part, you can take advantage of summertime to turbo-charge your child’s school readiness.

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Changing My View: Ten Days in Israel

I am a witness of history where history truly comes alive. I am grateful for the opportunity to experience and love Israel–its people, history and religious impact.

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Can Outdoor Time Help Your Child’s Vision?

This study finds that schoolchildren spending 80 minutes a day outside during school recess had a significantly reduced nearsightedness or shifts toward nearsightedness.

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Could This Experience Focus Your Personal Vision?

Make a date, destination Vail, Colorado, October 4-6, 2013, for Camp Experience™, an educational retreat for amazing women.

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Vision Therapy Conference in Estes Park

Vision therapy conference in Estes Park with excellent presentation from Curt Baxstrom.  Dr. James Bosse and I gave a flute/guitar concert…dedicating the music to our beloved Dr. Don Getz, who […]

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Vietnam…A Trip of Memories and Emotions

My husband Bruce and I spent a week in touring Vietnam after my speaking engagement in the Philippines. Viet Nam is a very beautiful country with very nice people.  However, […]

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Baseball Season Is Upon Us!

The crack of the bat, the smell of the fresh cut grass, the taste of beer and hot dogs…where are you at? That’s right, spring training!  We start early, training […]

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The Miracle of Walking!

Off to the races. My grandaughter Edina has just taken her first steps independently. from a parent/grandparent- feel the joy of her accomplishment and growth. From a medical professional, watch […]

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Stress-Free Holiday Tips for the Whole Family

Thanks to Dr. Charlotte Reznick, author of Imagery for Kids.  With the holidays right here and now, here are some great simple activities to help the entire family. From Imagery […]

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