My Ape Is…Tap Into Your Imagination

Imagination has no boundaries.  The following activity taps the imagination–its one that kids of all ages can do–it can be done almost anywhere.  The siller the responses, the better!

Purpose: Tapping into your imagination.

Instructions to child:
Parent: I have an ape. What color is your ape?
(Just assume he/she has an ape.)
Child: I have a (color) ape.
Parent: My ape has a hat. What about yours?
Child: My ape is wearing a .
Parent: Is your ape wearing any clothes?
Child: Yeah, my ape has purple jeans and ….

Continue after this and the game is on!

If he/she says he doesn’t see an ape, ask him to imagine one, or to look
under his seat. Have fun and just start pretending that he has an ape.
The point is to keep the dialogue going as long as possible, using as
many characteristics as you can imagine: shape, size, color, textures,
clothing, objects …

My Ape Is - Tapping into your imagination

My Ape Is – Tapping into your imagination

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