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Dr. Noah Tannen (2nd show) - Vision Beyond Sight with Dr. Lynn Hellerstein

The Surprising Ways Your Mental Health and Eye Vision Affect Each Other with Dr. Noah Tannen (Episode #31)

Dr. Lynn Hellerstein of Vision Beyond Sight speaks with Dr. Noah Tannen, specialist in vision therapy, neuro-optometric rehabilitation, and myopia control. This is his second appearance in the show and he talks […]

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Performance Anxiety – The Most Innovative Things Happen With Fear

If only she can overcome her fears heightened by her illness and lack of last minute practice.. Music is often the medicine to the mind.

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This Is Your Brain on Come Sing With Us!

The visualizations and scripts in this chapter can easily be adapted to prepare for your own personal musical event, art project or other types of performances.

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How to Heal Through Visualization

Visualization has been our topic now (as you can see my passion!). Last week I interviewed my two grandchildren to discuss their perspectives about the power of visualization. View the Videos […]

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How Do You Use Visualization?

Visualization has been the topic of the last several blogs on my website.  We’ve discussed the importance, process and tricks for utilizing visualization strategies. Now I’d like to hear from […]

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Say it

Say IT: A Declaration—Exclaim It

Say IT:  A Declaration—Exclaim It Purpose: Learn how to make a declaration. Instructions: Discuss a concern that you or your child brings up. It could be a school, work, family or […]

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Just Keep Breathing... Reduce Your Stress & Anxiety

Just Keep Breathing… Reduce Your Stress & Anxiety

Just Keep Breathing… Reduce Your Stress & Anxiety. There are a number of strategies that can enhance the power of visualization, including breathing exercises. Other techniques include: Relaxing Meditation Building […]

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