Say IT: A Declaration—Exclaim It

Say IT:  A Declaration—Exclaim It

Purpose: Learn how to make a declaration.

Discuss a concern that you or your child brings up. It could be a school, work, family or sports situation. Take a few moments to let him see and feel himself in the scenario.

What do you see in your imagination? (Allow plenty of time for him to explore and observe.)

What do you notice?

Your response:

How do you look?

Your response: 

How does your body feel? (Not just “fine.” Give him time to explore and describe any sensations).

Your response: 

Is there anything in your picture you would like to change? If so, what is it?

Your response: 

What would you like to change it to?

Your response: 

Now, how would you like to be in this situation? (You might give him an example of looking stronger or feeling bigger. Allow your child to create his state of how he would like to be).

Your response:
 I am (strong, big, smart, or whatever he stated)

Say it again, loud and clear. State it with feeling, like you really mean it.

Your response: I am _____! (Use body language to illustrate the power of your words. For instance, raise your hands like you are a winner, or jump up and down and show how powerful you are. Or put your hand over your heart as you state your declaration).

If you make a declaration, but do so in a very uninspiring way, the declaration will not be effective. However, when you make a declaration that is clear, firm, strong and includes powerful body language, it will move and even encourage you.  “Say it like you really mean it!”

It is essential to declare strong powerful statements to replace negative self-talk and thoughts. Continue stating your declarations daily. It takes repetition to integrate declarations into your life. Once you become more confident in visualizing and declaring goals, observe what happens in your life. Note any shifts in attitude and effort.

Amazing changes in your life occur! Enjoy your own Ta-Dahs!

Practice the See it. Say it. Do it! Process and let me know your experience. Grab the book HERE

Happy Spring!
With love and gratitude,

Lynn Hellerstein
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