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#50Tips to Improve Your Sports Performance

50 Tips To Improve Your Sports Performance – From a Grateful Mother

I just wanted to share with you how much my 13 year old son, B,  has enjoyed your new book.  He has already read it through once on his Kindle Fire and is now working through it again and doing the exercises.  We finally discovered his need for vision therapy when he was in the 5th […]

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Vision Therapy for 3D


Depth perception allows you to accurately judge distances and quickly react.

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Tips #12: PERIPHERAL VISION Soft focus

Hold the star at reading distance. Look “hard” at the dot in the center, and notice how the dot reduces in size and your awareness of your periphery decreases.

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Marsden ball

Tip #7: EYE TRACKING – Eyes on the ball

Do you have trouble catching the ball (or coach athletes who do)?

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Hellerstein & Brenner Vision Center

Tip #50 HAVE FUN!


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