Draw a series of arrows (see below). Standing, move your arms in the direction of the first arrow and call out that direction. Then move your fixation to the next arrow on the right. Again, move your hands in the direction of the arrow and call out that direction. Continue through the entire sheet.

To add difficulty, repeat the activity above, but also jump in the direction of the arrow instead of moving your arms. For arrows pointing up, jump forward. For arrows pointing down, jump backwards.

Add more challenge:

  • Use a metronome (a musical tool that helps keep the beat and rhythm) and move your arms or jump to the beat. You can get a metronome at a music store or look on-line for free downloads of metronomes.
  • Change the direction you read the arrows. Instead of left to right, read top to bottom.
  • Act in the opposite direction of the arrow. For example, say/move/jump right for a left arrow while saying “left.”
  • Do the activity on a mini-trampoline.Arrows
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