My Healing Journey: What No One Is Talking About

I am now making choices on my life’s journey from a totally different perspective…

This is who I was: a workaholic who thought I was perfect and quite proficient at balancing the stresses of a successful optometry/vision therapy practice and raising a family. That changed when my life took a dramatic turn in 2002. An unexpected medical crisis
threatened my physical and emotional stability.

I couldn’t think clearly, work or be productive. I succumbed to a spiraling burnout and crashed. All the accolades, successes, and labels as a doctor, award-winning author, international speaker, mother, and wife—which defined who I was—were no longer priorities. My
confidence plummeted and I lost the sense of who I was.  It was a very scary time in my life, trying to reconnect to who I was—physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Little did I realize at that time that those medical events would deliver a gift from the universe.

  • The first gift forced me to stop the busy work and be quiet, to really look within myself.
  • The second gift gave me the opportunity to review” and “reevaluate” myself and my life.

My healing journey took me through traditional surgeries and nontraditional medical and healing resources.  And my experiences, especially through:

  • Landmark Worldwide Education (a personal and professional growth, training, and development company focusing on people achieving success, fulfillment and relationships.);
  • Regenerating Images in Memory (a body-centered, transformational technique that frees you of negative thoughts, feelings, and memories, so you are empowered to live your best life);
  • and utilizing visualization strategies from my own vision therapy practice were major components in my healing. I discovered how vast and powerful their potential was in expanding one’s life—even in the midst of trauma, pain, and instability.

I succumbed to a spiraling burnout and crashed.  Through all those treatment modalities, I was able to learn, heal, and rebuild my life. It forced me to find an operating system that worked for my physical, emotional, and spiritual success.  Eight months later I finally returned to work. My body was working and it was accompanied by a new attitude and passion. None of it would have been possible without the wonderful support of my community: family, doctors, friends, and therapists.  What developed out of this life lesson was the creation
of the See It. Say It. Do It! process: visualize, declare and take action—a process to and for success and happiness.

See It. Say It. Do It!

I am now making choices on my life’s journey from a totally different perspective … trusting my visualization and intuition. I have been given another chance in life, and want to make the most of it personally and professionally! This gift is not only to myself, it’s to the thousands
of individuals I work with and speak to each year.

Within Expand Your Vision: How to Gain Clarity, Courage, and Confidence, you will meet individuals who have experienced the miracles of vision transformation.  Ranging from age seven to seventy-four, you will read and hear their stories in the print and audio versions.
I am now making choices on my life’s journey from a totally different perspective … trusting my visualization and intuition.

Expand Your Vision
Through my vision program, a variety of techniques and methods were engaged including prescriptions of glasses, prisms, vision therapy and visualization strategies. Each transformed his or her vision to a new way of “seeing his or her world.”

Contrary to what most believe, your vision does not limit you. In reality, you (and others) limit your vision by attitude, behavior, and practice.

Look at your world in a new way: discover and look at your life with a new pair of glasses. You will enhance your vision beyond what is the predictable—20/20—and expand the world of possibilities through vision training.  Yes, you are hearing this perspective from an
eye doctor.

My Mission and Promise is:

To inspire and empower millions of people through visualization so that they see and experience their world through the lens of clarity, courage, and  confidence. Their futures will be brighter and richer!

For more stories like this, check out my new book Expand Your Vision: How to Gain Clarity, Courage & Confidence. 

Dr. Hellerstein is available for lectures, trainings, workshops and interviews. If you are interested in reaching Dr. Hellerstein or booking an engagement click HERE

Lynn Fishman Hellerstein, O.D., FCOVD, FAAO

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