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Dr. Lynn Hellerstein completing her first and only marathon!

Tip #50 HAVE FUN!

50 Tips to Improve YOur Sports Performance-Last of the 50 FREE Tips

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Larry Fitzgerald

Tip #49 Practice, Practice, Practice…

Brain research shows that neurons that fire together wire together.

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Hellerstein and Brenner Sports Vision Doctors

Tip #48 Find an eye doctor you can trust and speak with about sports vision

Many optometrists and ophthalmologists give excellent vision care. However, if you are really interested in an eye doctor to help you improve your sports performance, check out these websites: – Click on […]

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Lasik pre testing at Hellerstein & Brenner Vision Center

Tip #47 LASIK refractive surgery may be a great treatment option

LASIK surgery is highly successful in eliminating the need to wear glasses or contact lenses for sports. Yet some possible side effects could hinder your sports performance. Each person must weigh the chances for success […]

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Hellerstein & Brenner Vision Center

Tip #46 Contact lenses may be a better choice for contact sports

Depending on the sport, certain types of contact lenses may work better than others. But in some sports, contact lenses may cause problems because of a dusty or dry environment.

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Tinted lenses

Tip #45 Lens tints and sunglasses protect your eyes and can enhance your sport performance

If you participate in outdoor sports and recreational activities, you need protection from the sun. Glare can interfere with your ability to see the detail necessary for successful performance. Tinted lenses can help. Tints transmit […]

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Hellerstein and Brenner Vision Center

Tip #44 Use extra eye protection for higher risk sports

An eye injury can impact your entire life…

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#42 Sports Vision Training – Power of #Visualization

I felt calm, centered, and completely capable. It was also a great moment of team connection.

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USA Book awards

The 2013 USA Best Book Awards – A Winner!

50 Tips To Improve Your Sports Performance by Dr. Lynn Hellerstein has been honored as a “Winner” in the “Health: Exercise & Fitness” category.

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Tip #21: V I S U A L I Z E The skills & benefits of visualization are valuable in many areas of your life.

Mentally practice specific skills Improve confidence Increase problem solving Reduce stress and anxiety Prepare for performance Maintain mental readiness even during injury recovery “Every day before, I would see an […]

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