Eye Practice for the Big Game – NY Times

Excerpts from the NY Times by Kate Murphy.

Sports vision training optometrists have been providing this type of sports vision training for years.  Looks like the media is just catching up!

The baseball hurtles toward the batter, and he must decide from its rotation whether it’s a fastball worth a swing or a slider about to drop out of the strike zone.

Running full speed, the wide receiver tracks both the football flying through the air and the defensive back on his heels. Golfers must rapidly shift visual focus in order to drive the ball at their feet toward a green in the distance.

“Vision training has been out there for a long time,” said Mark Blumenkranz, a professor of ophthalmology at Stanford University Medical School. “But it’s being made more respectable lately thanks to the attention it’s been getting from psychophysicists, vision scientists, neurologists and optometrists.”

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Sports vision training NY Times-Justin RenteriaJustin Renteria

50 Tips to Improve Your Sports Performance is a great book to start you off into the world of sports vision training!

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