NY Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz talks contact lenses

New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz spoke to student athletes about the importance of vision during a sports vision session at sports training facility IMG Academy.  Athletes, including Cruz, participated in a set of tests to assess visual performance in athletic use. Tests evaluated eye-hand-foot dominance and coordination, visual tracking, response time, agility, and more.

Speaking exclusively with Optometry Times, Cruz discusses how contact lenses have made a difference in his on-field performance.

“I would see the ball late and would make diving plays and really make an effort because I would see the ball late,” he says. “When I started to wear contact lenses, it became a lot easier for me. I would see the ball, I was making a lot more plays because my vision was better. I could see the ball from farther away as opposed to when it came right up on me.”

To read the Optometry Times interview, click here.

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