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Vision Therapy for 3D

Stereopsis & Amblopia: A Mini-review

Levi and colleagues provide evidence that amblyopia can be treated in adulthood.

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3D Stereo Vision – More Exciting News!

More 3D Stereo vision news.  Check out these blogs: Dr. Press American Optometric Association with Dr. Sheedy American Optometric Association with Dr. Maino American Optometric Association Press release Vision therapy Colorado Optometrist, Dr. Lynn Hellerstein

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3D of 3D Stereo Viewing

Here’s another great video on the hype of 3D stereo viewing.  This newer technology in movies and TVs has resulted in many people finding out that they have vision problems that they may or may not have been aware of.   There is successful treatment for these vision difficulties through vision therapy!   End result: […]

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3D Games May Damage Kid's Eyes

It’s so interesting how the “under 6” warning is spreading like wild fire.  Kids under 6 normally have adequate 3D vision.  This warning should be for all people- sustained near work, especially on these small devices may be a problem at ALL ages! Symptoms of 3D vision problems often include:  headaches, blurred vision, eyestrain, double vision, […]

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Oliver Sacks New Book – The Mind's Eye

Today is the launch day for the much anticipated release of a new book by Oliver Sacks, The Mind’s Eye. Per an Amazon reviewer, Evelyn Uyemura, “The Mind’s Eye is a superb synthesis of science, medicine, and insight into the human experience. His obvious empathy, and even affection, for the people he meets and consults […]

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A Neurobiologist's View of How Our System Fails Children With Vision Problems

Special Announcement:  COVD is hosting a LIVE webinar interview with Dr. Sue Barry NEXT THURSDAY – AUG 26th School Crossings: Hear Dr. Susan Barry answer questions about difficult school experiences that resulted from her vision problems; how, for example, she was mislabeled as a low aptitude student and assigned to a special problems class, and […]

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The Private Eye Goes Public- Parts 1,2,3

Drs. Fortenbacher & Press continue with providing great information on convergence insufficiency on their blog-The Private Eye Goes Public- Parts 1,2,3  Click here to read the entire blog.

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Consumer Reports on 3D Vision Problems

Consumer reports in their Health.org blog recommends the following: Bottom line: If you’ve experienced problems viewing 3D images, you’re better off going to 2D versions of movies and watching TV on conventional sets. To try to determine why you’ve had 3D vision difficulty, consider making an appointment with an eye care professional—either an ophthalmologist or […]

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Dr. Susan Barry Interviewed on Terry Gross NPR program

Dr. Sue Barry tells how she achieved binocular vision after being told she was too old to do anything about her strabismus.  Sue, a neurobiologist, had been cross-eyed since early infancy. Though she had operations as a young child to correct her eyes’ appearance, they still sent conflicting messages to her brain. As a result, […]

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Do Your Eyes Hurt When You Watch 3-D?

The media coverage continues about the problems that people have watching 3-D movies and TV. 1 out of 30 kids have stereoblindness that keeps kids from appreciating 3-D (stereopsis). Its estimated that 20% of the population may have binocular “eye teaming” problems that may create symptoms, such as headaches, nausea and discomfort when watching 3-D […]

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