Oliver Sacks New Book – The Mind's Eye

Today is the launch day for the much anticipated release of a new book by Oliver Sacks, The Mind’s Eye.

Per an Amazon reviewer, Evelyn Uyemura,

The Mind’s Eye is a superb synthesis of science, medicine, and insight into the human experience. His obvious empathy, and even affection, for the people he meets and consults with come through in his writing, and help the reader to see the person behind the affliction, and to give each of us greater appreciation for the wonder and the mystery of the senses we possess.”

Dr. Sacks  includes the Stereo Sue Story.  This is about Dr. Susan Barry, a neuro-scientist, who learned, through vision therapy, to see 3-D Stereopsis as an adult after 3 eye surgeries for crossed eyes.  He also includes his own personal story of the loss of 3-D Stereo vision due to an eye tumor.

Can’t wait to read it!

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