Join us on March 31 for a groundbreaking seminar on visual processing by Dr. Lynn Hellerstein, O.D.!

Q: Who is Dr. Lynn Hellerstein O.D.?

A: Dr. Lynn Hellerstein is a developmental optometrist who specializes in preventive and functional vision care, including vision therapy. She is a highly acclaimed speaker, author, and consultant. Dr. Hellerstein has received countless awards and honors for her various achievements. Dr. Hellerstein has developed a method that has helped children and adults for more than 30 years improve their visual processing. These children and adults have been helped at home, in the classroom, and in more recent times, in sports fields. Dr. Hellerstein’s award winning book, SEE IT. SAY IT. DO IT! includes her fun, step-by-step visualization process to break down barriers to learning and solve behavior problems, all by brain training and using the visual brain more effectively.

Q: Who should attend this seminar?

A: This seminar is ideal for Educators, SLPs, OTs, Social Workers, Psychologists, Academic Tutors, Administrators, and Parents.


Q: What will I gain from attending this seminar?

A: Objectives of the seminar include:

  1. definition of vision- how it develops and impacts learning
  2. identification of the signs and symptoms of vision problems
  3. experience and learn how to visualize
  4. description of effective vision solutions
  5. implementation of the See it. Say it. Do it! Model – (visualize pictures in their minds, declare their goals, and take action)


Q: How will the visualization strategies assist children?

A: Visualization strategies help children who: lose their place when they read, have poor eye-hand coordination, have sloppy handwriting, have difficulty remembering what they just read, and struggle in sports.


Q. What topics are being presented at the morning and evening sessions?

A: In the morning, topics will include identifying visual problems and introduction to visualization strategies. In the evening, the seminar will be a hands-on practical session incorporating Dr. Hellerstein’s approach to visual problems.


Q: Are you offering Continuing Education credits?

A: Yes! This program will provide participants with 0.65 ASHA CEUs for SLPs. Partial CEUs will be granted to participants attending half of the seminar.


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