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Sports Concussions

Thanks to Dr. Nick Despoidis for bringing this excellent video to our attention. With sports injuries on the rise, especially in the area of brain injury & concussion, take a few minutes and learn more about  brain injuries in sportse. Prevention and education is critical for parents and coaches.  Baseline testing in the brain functioning […]

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Concussions & Vision Problems

Thanks to Dr. Len Press, my friend & colleague, for a great blog on the “Concussion Crisis:  the Silent Epidemic of ABI (acquired brain injury). Concussions and brain injuries have recently been brought to the public’s attention.  The stories include many athletes, Rep. Gifford and soldiers returning from the war. Prevention is the key.  However, […]

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How Meditation Benefits the Brain

Thanks Dr. Maino for the blog post: …found that the experienced meditators, regardless of the type of meditation they practiced, seemed able to switch off the defaul mode network, which has been linked to lapses of attention, and disorders such as attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and anxiety.  This part of the brain, comprising […]

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Brain Injury Conference- Truly Inspirational

BIAC (Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado) held their 29th Annual meeting in the Denver Area. This group includes physicians, therapists and survivors. Many of these survivors shared their stories of near-death experiences. They were grateful to the medical community for saving their lives.  However, re-creating their lives after brain injury was elusive for many. I’m […]

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Brain Injury Conference in CO- Join Me!

BIAC Conference             Topics include: Life Skills for Survivors Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Traumatic Brain Injury in the Military If you want to hear more about vision rehabilitation for patients with brain injury, please join me at 10:30 on Oct. 13 for my presentation: Vision Rehabilitation for Patients with acquired […]

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Vision Rehabilitation After Stroke

Learn from a vision scientist that vision rehabilitation after stroke is possible! We’ve known that for years as Hellerstein & Brenner Vision Center has provided neuro-rehabilitation to stroke and brain injury patients for over 20 years. Check out Krystel Huxlin, Ph.D video. She refutes the “dogma” that vision after stroke can not be achieved. By […]

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New Brain Injury Law to Protect Young Athletes in CO

This hard-won piece of legislation will keep our CO youth athletes safe for the years to come. It requires that coaches get education on how to recognize a concussion, that a player is removed from play if a concussion is suspected and that the student athlete must be signed off by a medical professional before […]

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